The Historical Changes in Europe

The Historical Changes in Europe in the 20th Century and Their Impacts on Today’s World

I have chosen the topic as it researches dynamism in the 20th century Europe. It emphasizes the impact of the historical world wars. The research aims to assess the initiators, scope, and impacts of the wars in Europe and how they have inflicted change in modern society. The research focuses on the activities that took place between the First World War and the collapse of Russia. During this period, Europe experienced years of war, distressful changes, economic downfalls and political oppression. The Second World War was characterized by inhumanity which was initiated by the annihilation of a large population of the Jewish community.

Despite the loss of prominence of the European nations, their political, economic and social innovations still impact the other nations around the globe. The approach I will be taking on this research will encompass different and distinct ideologies.  Basis will be laid upon the events that shaped the European nations politically and economically and the part played by re-known cultures and philosophical ideologies.

The research will encompass an analytical approach to European history emphasizing how different phases of time integrated to make an era and its generation. It will help unravel why Europe in the twentieth century has continued to impact and affect the lives of many individuals to the present day. The research aims to help understand the root initiators of the wars in Europe in the twentieth century, assess humanitarian suffering inflicted by the different government eras and the implications of the world wars on the economic situation in Europe.

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