The Island Nation of Tekra

The Island Nation of Tekra

The following are the recommendations to the New Health Strategy in Tekram

The Government Should Consider Privatizing the Entire Health Sector of Tekram

The government has owned and run all health facilities since the Nation gained independence. The increased cost of running and maintaining the institutions together with the limited technology has posed a bigger challenge to the government. To reduce the burden and reduce the amount of tax payer’s money liable to run the institution, they should pass the responsibility to private individuals and companies who wish to invest in the venture. Privatizing will help guarantee better medical care, improved technology, and better infrastructural surroundings. For instance, the Tekram government has considered relinquishing the burden to private organizations and individuals (Paterson, 2014).

Outsourcing Medical Expertise

The government founded medical and nursing academic institutions to generate professional medical practitioners, but they instead leave Tekram initiating the shortage in the nurses and physicians. The government may choose to outsource medical experts from other Nations who may bring foreign expertise and technologies. They may also be cheaper compared to the domestic physicians and nurses who may, in turn, reduce the cost burden to the government. For instance, the government took a step by allowing the Church of England to open a hospital in Tekram (Paterson, 2014).

Sourcing External Aid from Nongovernmental Organizations and Other International Agencies for Donor Programs

The government should source for aid from outsiders to help shoulder its burden on the medical docket in Tekram.  External aid and contribution will help the government generate funds for the social insurance schemes. It will thus be able safety coverage for the poor population. For instance, the government has taken the step of inviting the U.S-based organization to avail the HMO-model insurance plan (Paterson, 2014).

Employers Should Provide Mandatory Health Coverage to Their Workers

The government should institute policies meant to help employees gain coverage from their places of work. The policy will aid many individuals’ access medical services at reduced costs and more convenience. For instance, the Tekram government is taking a step by considering enticing the middle-class individuals in purchasing insurance through their employers (Paterson, 2014). It will also enable the government concentrate on its workers and the poor population.

  1. One Goal and Two Objectives Critical to Your Strategy

The following is the goal and objectives that have been set by the government of Tekram which are crucial to the welfare of the citizens:


Improvement of Healthcare in the Country

The government is concerned about the health issue in Tekram. It initially provided free medical care to all its citizens. Shortage of medical expertise, redundant technology, and aging infrastructure has proven to be a burden to the government (Paterson, 2014). To improve medical welfare, it has chosen to privatize the health institutions, invite foreign agencies and allure missionary hospitals. The set objectives will, in the long run, improve health care in the country.


  1. Reduction of tuberculosis to promote tourism in the country. The government aims to find ways to curb the spread of tuberculosis since TB can lead to decrease in the level of tourism.
  2. Giving health insurance to all the citizens. The government has invited external agencies to provide an HMO model insurance plan for Tekram. Insurance schemes will provide health coverage to the majority of the poor people. It aims to reduce health costs by a larger margin bearable to the common citizen (Paterson, 2014).
  3. Recommendation on How to Build Support for Your Strategy

To improve healthcare in Tekram, I would recommend that the government carries out a massive education program. Employers and all citizens will become aware of how they can contribute towards upgrading the heath in the country. Institutions can also be asked to fund the government in improving healthcare

  1. Three Methods That the Ministry Should Use To Implement Your Support Building Recommendation

The following methods can be used to support education on health care:

Campaigns; The government can hold campaigns towards better health care. People from all areas of the country can easily receive information through these campaigns.

Introduction of health education in learning institutions; Health education as a subject will ensure that even the younger generation appreciates the importance of good health care and preventive methods are adopted.

Alluring nongovernmental organizations and agencies; Majority of the nongovernmental organizations sensitize health education in marginalized regions of the world.  They will thus help by funding campaigns and welfare programs aimed at reaching the poor citizens in the marginalized areas.

  1. Alternative to the Present Social Insurance Scheme

Medical Pooling Program

The program aims to pool funds from different members for a common cause. Combined efforts from many members will go a long way in generating ample capital enough to cover all the members despite their class in society. The group will function similarly as an insurer. All the members cannot suffer at the same instance, and so it will be able to serve the members when ailments occur. The group is not limited to a certain group; even poor individuals can pool their funds to generate higher amounts of funds. To guarantee commitment, they may decide to start with the membership fee and then a monthly amount. The program is feasible as it guarantees reduced burden, ample capital for insurance and liable to flexibility based on member’s decisions.


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