The League of Nations

The League of Nations

Hello Kaley Cortellini, I appreciate the good work you have done on League of Nations. The facts you obtained were brainy, impressive and very reliable to any person with the aim of learning about the topic. The League of Nations was as a result of the Paris Conference and i agree with you that the main goal of formation is termination of war thus maintain peace in the society.[1] However, you could have included the members of the committee that governed the league which were France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.[2] The League failed since it was not able to maintain peace and with continued failure it was dismissed.[3]

I agree with your theory that the idea of disarmament of nations all over the world was also a shortcoming since countries would not be able to protect themselves in case of invasion by enemies who would probably refuse to give in their weapons.[4] Your ideas are exceptional and I love the way you air your thoughts regarding the performance of the League of Nations. I am completely sold to your idea that the League would have been more effective before the start of the First World War.

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