THE LEGAL CONTROL OF DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION WITHIN THE UNITED KINGDOM “The UK has devoted considerable regulatory resources to seeking to limit the growth of directors’ remuneration, despite this being a very challenging goal within the constraints of a free market economy. Despite this the exercise must be deemed a failure, both in terms of achieving this goal and the UK’s own international competitiveness as a regulatory regime.” Please be note that: 1. The topic must have discussed and critically analysed in relevant UK law doctrine, procedures in the theoretical as well as doctrinal and international context. The main purpose are to analyse the legal and regulatory requirements which apply to directors’ remuneration and evaluate the attempts to control directors’ remuneration in the light of relevant academic theories and debate 2. The work must be in the form of law essay style. It might have many sectors such introduction, body, sub body: argument or the effect on the economic and conclusion 3. The work should contain about 3300 words in length excluding footnotes and the bibliography 4. The introduction section is about 5-8% of the total words and conclusion part is about 10% 5. The work need some cases law to support or defend the doctrine of the topic issue and also the cases law must be relevant to the topic issue and the academic comments is important either 6. The work must be discussed relevant legislative material such UK legal doctrine and the effect on the economic and competitiveness 7. The work need sufficient footnote with OSCOLAR style and bibliography 8. The work need a good research in the based on relevant academic books and journal articles, journal online and it should have enough to clarify the issue 9. The work does not need a graph, table, picture and statistic and it does not need to rewrite the topic.

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