The Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars

Matthew Evans

The Napoleonic Wars had a defining role in shaping Europe around this time. During his rampage he conquered much of this area. At one point, Switzerland, Spain, northeast Italy, Naples, and Westphalia were all under Napoleon and French protection or “Satellite kingdoms”(p. 689). A big effect of Napoleon was his costly embargo of British goods to any European country. He had a huge international frustration with England. Because of this embargo, Britain fell into a severe economic depression by 1810. France was doing well in the textile industry for a while, until the embargo was a reason for Russia to make peace with Turkey and Sweden. Czar Alexander opened his ports to all British goods and effectively overstepped Napoleons embargo. This would be the beginning of the end for Napoleon.

In my opinion one of Napoleons greatest accomplishments was vaccinating his troops. This was done to protect his troops from Small-pox to take that disadvantage and turn it into an advantage as most armies had not adopted this tactic. He also introduced large scale use of canned food for his troops. Just about all of Europe was affected by him. He single handily helped shape the formation of Europe as we know it today.

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Generic license.


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