The role of Twitter in the election of Donald Trump

The role of Twitter in the election of Donald Trump in the year 2016 and American Politics

Research Question

How does spending time on twitter influence people political way of thinking and the effects that this had in the election of Trump as the president of the United States and the American politics?

Twitter on politics

The research will Study Twitter and its role on mass communication specifically Twitter platform on politics as it has had its share of influence on how information passes from one person to the other.  Most of the politicians have twitter handles where they have dozens of followers to have a chance of reading and critically analysing the posts of the politicians. This therefore has made it one of the most effective to reach a greatest number of followers and therefore effectively passing the intended message at ease. Trump hates being criticized cautioned or challenged by anyone and whenever he had a challenged in his campaign period he always relates by doubling down his vital megaphone and that is through Twitter. The twitter contributed to  46.1% of his vote during the 2016 elections. The comments that he made on twitter also greatly contributed to his popularity as he is a very bold politician and therefore this made him free to express his thoughts whenever he had any doubts on an issue. This was the greatest thing that made him register an increased popularity among the American people and therefore making him even more popular.

Twitter is rated number three in the list of the most popular social media platforms used in the United Sates and is also one of the most frequently used platforms globally. This therefore makes it one of the most effective communication channels basing this on the great level of audience the platform holds. Politics is a mass moved arena and therefore the most effective way to communicate with people and pass the agenda one has in aspiration for a certain political position could only be effectively upheld through communicating to them through the most effective tool and in this case being the twitter.

Twitter has more than 300m million followers who comes from different walks of life and they include journalists, politicians, celebrities and other diverse areas. Twitter is a macro blogging service and the people have a chance of voicing their opinion with about 140 characters for one post.

The greatest impact that twitter has on United States Society involves how twitter engages the world’s political sphere. This has made almost all the politicians in the United States have twitter accounts where they intensively sell their manifesto and therefore having great chances of greatly swaying the citizen’s minds.

In the 2016 election the candidate Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee had a twitter account with over 15 million followers who closely followed her tweets with a chance to reply and critic whatever she posted. This therefore made the interaction rather closer at a personal level and therefore having a chance to easily drive a point and therefore convince the followers.

The other presidential candidate Donald Trump the Republican nominee had a twitter account with a double the number of followers Hillary had. The account has 30 million followers and therefore making the audience to his twits huge as compared to his competitor. This gave him greater audience and therefore making the message he passes to the followers effectively received.

Most of the politician and key influential personality has intensively invested in social media platforms in creating their image and promoting themselves. The more aggressive one is and the more the logic their posts are in relation to the area of specialization the higher the chances they have on attracting a huge crowd of followers and therefore making their message effectively passed.


The research will be carried out as a case study and will consider gathering facts about the America citizens and how frequently they interact on twitter. This will therefore help to know the chances that they have on receiving or rather coming across a political message passed on through the twitter platform. The research will also interrogate surveys that have previously been conducted on some colleges in the US and determine their conclusions. The outcome of the study will be based on the outcome of analysing information from different sources and come up with conclusions.


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