Triangle of Satisfaction

The Triangle of Satisfaction


According to Furlong, (2010), the triangle involves three different parties with a different interest which is a common a gender yet the parties are related towards on common interest. This is the issues at the Norms family, where the boss requires Norm’s services at the office since he is one of the best employees she has. However, Norm has a wife who is not comfortable with the working hours that the husband is subjected. Additionally, Norm being the husband wants to save the family from constant augments as well as maintain his job, which later develops to the need for the triangle satisfaction model to solve the conflict.

Structural driven conflicts are brought about by competition for limited resources. At this case, the three parties are competing for Norm’s time, where the wife prefers more family time where else, and the employer prefers Norm’s services which consume most of his time. The situation develops the structure conflict because of the interests.


Interest factors towards conflicts escalation are developed by fare to lose, particular wants, and needs between the involved parties. As a result, the boss wants Norm’s services to continue; the wife needs norms working time and load flexible for the family. Moreover, on the other side norm intends to maintain his job as well as the family.


The factor is mostly developed by experience, where the parties involved avoid a situation that could emerge from the current situation again. As with the norms family case, the boss seems to avoid poor service delivery from other employees as well as the wife is not comfortable with the working time because of insecurity issues (Abu-Nimer, 2001).

The Hardest Impasse to Identify

Between the three impasses, relationship was the most deficit to evaluate the case; this is because, it is a bit overshadowed by the interest motives of the parties, and also the case study does not showcase any potential possibility of the relationship as a conflicting drive.

Proposed solution

Communication is the best approach to solve the problem this is because the whole situation is built upon mistrust between the three parties. On the other hand, the individuals should develop a corroborative element or a gender to solve their problem.


Miss understanding is the center stage of the problems experienced by the family, however, with the implementation of the triangle of satisfaction model and its proposals, a conclusive answer would be attained for the three parties.  For example, through communication and collaboration, they can understand each other’s position and there wants.


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