The tutorial hunt

The Tutorial Hunt

There is a lot of information available about the best way to put together a resume. Instead of me simply telling you what I think it best, at this point it’s more productive to have you develop your own sense of what people tend to agree or disagree about in your particular field. That way, you can make your own decisions based on how you want to present yourself and what you know about the job you’re applying for. Later on, you’ll be receiving feedback from me and some of your peers, but you’ll be able to take or leave this advice as you see fit.

To this end, please find at least 5 online tutorials that offer advice on resume preparation and write 250-500 words about what kinds of advice and ideas you find. You can mention the articles we’ve already read, but try to focus on new material. List your sources (doesn’t have to be MLA citations, hyperlinks are fine, but make sure they work).

Instead of only citing internet sources, you may also ask people you know who work in your engineering fields (relatives, professors, friends, etc.) if they have any advice. You don’t need to cite these interviews in any special way, just say “According to So-and-so…” and say a word or two about who they are. This advice tends to be the best, in my opinion, but requires a little more legwork.

Pay attention not only to advice about the substance of the resume (what information to include and how to word it) but also visual advice, layout and design ideas. You can also use this assignment to focus on specific questions you might have about your own job hunt. For example:

What do you hear different people agreeing or disagreeing about? Did you find anything that seemed particularly useful to you? Are any of these sources talking specifically about the field or profession you want to go into?

Lastly, if you are one of the many students who feel that they don’t have enough experience for even an entry level job, look specifically for resume tutorials that deal with this issue (such as this oneLinks to an external site.).

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