The World of Security

Class of the Narrator

He was born into a high class family that was wealthy and independent. It is the kind of family which is self-satisfied and getting anything which required a substantial amount of money was not a problem to them.

Reflection on the Narrator’s Social Standing

The narrative is clear on his social standing in that there are instances that demonstrate his class. Examples can be drawn from the narration and include: There is demonstration of pride by his father where the narrator talks about how his father was a millionaire.

[1] It is therefore clear that their social status and amount of wealth they had was above what many other people had. He describes his mother’s family as a royal family. For instance, he explains in details that there were no poor people in his mother’s family but only professionals such as lawyers, professors, bankers and doctors. The social class is also enhanced by the description that they travelled a lot to see their families in Paris and that family members were familiar with different languages.

[2] His father was also highly respected as he was innovative and business minded. The narrator was thus also respected in return since he was the son of a renowned person.

Conclusively, the concept of nobility is clearly demonstrated in the narration. The narrator had thus become accustomed to that kind of lifestyle. He describes his education in that it is easy draw a conclusion that he went to university and was well learned. He therefore has the pride and class.

Difference in Values in case the Narrator Belong to a Lesser Wealth and Social Standing

If, for instance, he belonged to another class which was lower than the class he was born and raised into, things might have been different. The difference would be seen in the narrative in that he would be more emotional and considerate.  A lower social class mostly comes with humility from the person involved. For example, where he states that the bank which they deposited money was the most safe bank

.[3] In case he was from a poor background and social class, the statement would have been unnecessary since there would have been no aim to maintain a high social class. Pride would hence be lowered since most people in lower social classes are not as much connected and educated as their fellows in high class.

Ability to acknowledge people would be more demonstrated. The narrator only acknowledges people of their own class as worthy. If he had come from a much lower social class, he would have been more appreciative of other people not only his family and high class fellows. The reason behind this is because most people in the low and middle social classes are more accommodative and sociable therefore, there would have been more people in his life.


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