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Timothy Perry

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An intentionality view could be seen as several things needed to occur to create the right environment where the Holocaust could happen in Germany. Anti-Semitism in Europe has had a long history starting from the time of the crusades.[1] The people of Europe were predisposed through generations of Anti-Semitism which would lay the foundation of the holocaust.  After the consequences of World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles the German people felt betrayed and humiliated.[2] The blame for World War 1 was placed solely on the hands of Germany and the Treaty of Versailles was punishment Germany. What once was a strong and powerful nation was left in shambles due to an economic crisis and Germany wanted someone to blame for the weak state of Germany.[3]

With Germany on its knees they blamed the Jews for the current state of Germany. It was Hitler who felt that the Jews were stopping Germany from being a European dominance.[4] Killing the eastern and central European Jews would be the key to conquest and colonize Russia and Eastern Europe, which would enable Germany to maintain a Reich that would last a thousand years according to Hitler.[5]

By the time Hitler took control in 1933 the foundation of the holocaust was laid and awaiting Hitler to start building what would become the final solution. When Hitler took control of Germany he never hid his intentions of the Jews. From the beginning Hitler instituted a boycott of all Jewish business, then firing all Jewish laborers from civil services and burned Jewish book from libraries.[6] From the very beginning the people of Germany had no issues with what was happening to the Jews. This set the stage for the next step which was enacting law against the Jews. The Nuremberg laws of 1935 was for the protection of German blood, German honor, and the law of the Reich citizen which essentially stripped of rights and German citizenship away from the Jews and isolated their blood lines to their own Jewish blood.[7]

At this point in Germany Jews were less than Germans. This was when social conditions were just right that Hitler to begin his final solution. In 1939 he started Hitler started a program to kill many of Germanys undesirables which included handicapped people, homosexuals, prostitutes, gypsy, Jews and many more who didn’t fit into Nazi ideology.[8] The reasoning that Hitler used to mass kill the undesirables of Germany was to get rid of the elements that were holding Germany back from becoming a great nation again. He blamed the Jews as the reason for Germanys decline and failure to thrive as a great nation. The bureaucratic state of Germany at this time in history was one that wanted to prove to the world that nothing would stand in their way ever again from being a great nation and to prove Germany’s point the Jews where made an example out of that showed Germany would stop at nothing. All members in the Nazi party had this mentality.

Social Science was utilized by the Nazi party. The Nazi’s used Social Scientist to combine traditional social theory with the new racist anthropology to create a unified theory.[9]They could use this to further convince people and have evidence of what they were doing was justified.

Germany did use sciences to further their rationale on how the undesirables were bad for Germany. Germany used social science, medical and law sciences to study how to rid society of its undesirables. Hitler used science to push what he called the Nordic race as the ideal race and all other races was deems less valuable.[10]  He used this racial eugenics in German society and institutions to prove scientifically how the Jews and other desirables were inferior races. [11]

It was these factors when combined led to the Holocaust. At first there was the ingrained hatred of the Jews from the German people. Then Hitler comes to power and slowly tests the German people with small crimes aimed directly at the Jews. Due to the poor conditions of the nation and war guilt, the German people wanted someone to blame and the Jews were already in poor standing in the eyes of Germans. As the crimes intensified against the Jews the German people just allowed it to happen as a form of punishment. The bringing in of sciences just further helped push the Nazi Idealisms except now they had proof from science.


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