Toxic Lake

Toxic Lake

Credibility of the information

The article explains the details about Lake Okeechobee and how toxic levels are on the rise due to the growth of algae and pollution (Marcus 1). It can be a great reference for a person who needs to have a brief review of the lake. However, in as much as the article has all these details, there are other important aspects it has left out. For instance, the article does not explain the source of the pollution of the lake which leads to the development of the algae. The author should have explained in details the source of this pollution and how it can be controlled.

Regarding the dike which is termed deadly, there should have been recommendations set to curb the effects in case of the collapse of the dike. The dike had caused the death of 2500 people in 1928 (Marcus 1). This would have captured the attention of many readers especially engineers leading to fast action. The author only states that political leaders influence the sugar companies, but there is no clear evidence on these statements.

Personal thoughts on the issue

The government of the United States of America should take the matter more seriously. The dike should be looked into more carefully in that maintenance is occasional to minimize calamities. The people living in Florida should be educated about pollution. This way, manmade disasters can be eliminated since they are fully aware of the effects pollution will have on the lake and activities such as fishing and tourism. The sugar companies should also be educated on the dangers that are likely to occur. This way it could be easier for the government to buy out or relocate them so that water can be diverted to reduce hazards in future.

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