Trans Pacific Partnership

Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans pacific partnership is an agreement put across involving Americans and eleven countries which are borders of the Pacific Ocean. After successfully concluding negotiations in October 2015, the agreement was signed in February 2016. The agreement is meant to strengthen the middle class citizens, bring support to well-paying jobs in America and bring advancement to the interest of the American people as well as improve the value of Americans. The agreement is a net positive development for the American people.

The Trans pacific partnership will be a major booster for the economy of America. A great economy is a source of employment for citizens and therefore more jobs will be created.  This means better and improved living standards among the American citizens.  Websites meant to assist small businesses get to know more about the agreement will be developed.  The web portals will facilitate easy access to information and how small businesses can possibly take advantage of the agreement. Some of the provisions are rules and regulations observed in foreign investments, procedures to be followed when handling small business regulations and information on taxation. Having easy access to this kind of information will be a time saver for the business people.  Rules put up will help minimize the risk of engaging in small business.  Entrepreneurs will be in a position where they are able to easily access markets for their goods and services.

Tariffs on exports in America will be reduced. Up to 18000 tariffs on manufactured goods will be gotten rid of.  Tariffs imposed on beers will be reduced to zero. More to these the United States will not place any tariffs on imported goods. This is an advantage for small businesses since it gives them a competitive advantage.

Part of the agreement also focuses on ensuring that environment conservation is a priority for Americans.  Trafficking of wildlife was cut down. The move to conserve the environment was particularly beneficial to animals such as elephants, rhinos, and water species. The agreement also places a ban on deforestation and logging in effort to conserve the environment. There is a situation where the Malaysian government imposed a rule for deforestation to take place. After conducting deforestation, logging is done. Logging is harmful because it constantly deposits silt on the water catchment areas and people living in such places end up taking contaminated water. Deforestation on the other hand affects the environment in that it may bring about drought due to lack of rainfall.

The agreement is a good deal for the Americans because the economy of the state will grow, entrepreneurs have their small businesses considered, tariffs are eliminated and more job opportunities for the American people are created (Froman, 2015).The agreement has provided very innovative ways that will give everyone who is a member of the American society a fair platform. Every citizen is involved in a situation where the rules apply to each person. For instance, the Trans pacific partnership will have labor rights of all citizens in the country recognized and protected through some rules that will be set up. Values and interests of the Americans are considered in the agreement. The agreement provides a platform where not only growth will be promoted, but a framework where growth intends to take place will also be put on a better shape.


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