Trials and Errors: Justice and Courts

****** Assessment information*******
There are two Essay Questions � please choose *ONE* of them to answer and only one!

1. Critically examine the consequences of Miscarriage of Justice. Consider and justify what the most damaging aspect of miscarriage of justice is.

2. Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Jury system in the UK Criminal Justice System.

********** How your assessment is graded:*********
For guidance purposes, the essay will be marked according to the following criteria:

* The essay clearly answers the question set
* Your essay has a clear, logical and well-defined structure
* You demonstrate consistent and coherent understanding by developing and sustaining a well-reasoned and supported argument
* You make use of a range of relevant literature using a minimum of 8 academic references (text books, academic books, journal articles, official government websites) and evidence (official statistics, reports, publications) and reference accurately using the Harvard system
* You display a good standard of English with few grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and it is written in an academic style

_____Assessment Checklist_____
? Have you written between 1490 and 1510 words?
? Have you addressed the assessment question?
? Is your assessment double spaced?
? Have you included a minimum of 8 academic references?
? Have you included page numbers at the bottom of your paper?
? Have you proof read your paper?

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