Two business law essays

Precision Parts Corporation and Quality Gears, Inc., are competitors selling certain machine parts that are otherwise generally unattainable in their geographic market. This market includes the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Precision Parts and Quality Gears agree that Precision Parts will no longer sell in Minnesota and that Quality Gears will no longer sell in North and South Dakota. Have Precision Parts and Quality Gears violated any antitrust law? If so, which one? Explain. If they had divided their market by type of customer rather than geographic are, would the result be the same? Why or why not?Essay 2: (250 words)
Please use legal reasoning (FIRAC) to respond the the following:
During a storm in Tornado Alley, a house is destroyed, but its owner Dorothy survives. Dorothy plans to return to the site to salvage her possessions, but she delays. Meanwhile, Elliott combs through the ruins and removes all useful items. Dorothy learns of the recovery and files a suit against Elliott, claiming that the items are hers. Elliott responds that the destroyed house was abandoned and therefore he has good title to whatever he took possession of.

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