United States

United States


Since the United States gained independence under the leadership of General George Washington, declarations dictating equity among all men have always been made. Over the years of civilization and governance, Presidents have advocated for equity but have been faced with a lot of opposition from other leaders in the region. The minority in the United States have been discriminated against through civil rights violation and segregation. The black people in the United States were not given similar opportunities pertaining employment in the army. They took longer to be inducted into the army and re-enlisting were quite cumbersome for them.

Inequality and discrimination initiated activism from the minority communities in the United States who tried to fight for fair treatment and recognition as patriots in the region. Equality was initiated during the era of President Harry Truman who was the successor of President Franklin Roosevelt. Through the executive order 9981, the black community was given equal treatment to their white counterparts. The declaration meant they could receive similar opportunities regarding induction into the army, similar positions, and medical treatment in the fields and same re-enlisting treatment after wars. The declaration was however not only initiated by the Presidents need to instill equity but also by other pressuring factors. President Harry Truman was facing a tough electioneering period and had to act fast to gain political success. He wanted support from the black community from the South which he could only gain if he advocated for their civil rights. The declaration served as an opportunity for the President to redeem himself in the political arena. President Truman also used to a declaration to help ally with the Eastern bloc to help fight socialism.

The executive order served as a significant whistleblower on equality, democracy, and bureaucracy in the United States. The order came to give hope to the African

American people and instituting change to the American democracy.

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