Using modeling during systems analysis

Using modeling during systems analysis

The kind of model I would opt for and the reasons for preferring the model

The model I would prefer; is that the paper based prescription be in practice along with the e-prescription. The reason for preferring this system is the fact even after digital data loss the patients’ prescription records can be retrieved from the papers in the files. The other reason being that paper based record keeping can be a nuisance and time consuming, the use of efficient and secure prescription databases can help fetch files faster and anywhere as long as you have access to the system (Baig & Gholamhosseini, 2013).

Short term benefits of the model to the practice.

In the case of erroneous updates, the system may be unstable, and patients may be prescribed to drugs which may exacerbate their condition (Baig & Gholamhosseini, 2013). There might be many errors roping in during the initial stage of transformation from paper-based prescription to e-prescription which keeps both physicians and patient in trouble as the pharmacists and nurses will be habituated to the existing paper-based prescription handling. This has to be taken care of by proper cross verification and quality assurance team. The adoption and integration pace of the system into the clinical industry has to be slow. The physicians may also be mistaken and fill the wrong patient’s prescription in an overlook (Baig & Gholamhosseini, 2013).

The system’s farther along benefits to the practice.

Computer systems are vulnerable to malware attacks, breakdowns, server lags due to traffic, power outages and in such scenarios and the backup will be the paper based prescriptions kept on file. Paper based prescription with the patient helps to follow the medication. The system will lead to a quicker retrieval of patients’ past prescription records and also enhance referral to other pharmacists in case the patient is far.



Baig, M. M., & Gholamhosseini, H. (2013). Smart health monitoring systems: an overview of design and modeling. Journal of medical systems, 37(2), 9898.


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