Voice Technology

Voice Technology


Today, most businesses are increasingly relying on information technology so as to effectively conduct their business operations. More and more businesses are challenged with the most effective applicable methods when using the voluminous amount of data in order to steer growth as well as to improve their competitive position (Vaughan, 2011). Recently, I had the opportunity to experiment with information lines that have become a common medium of communication by many businesses as well as in public services. In this regard, I inquired for different services such as; direction search, horoscope, news feed as well as Oracle’s share stock price. However, to get varying experiences, I used different accents and locations. In this paper, I will share my personal experience and investigate ways of creating and improving mobile friendly websites while at the same time seek to explore services that may be incorporated to voice recognition websites.

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Guided with the knowledge that a voice is unique to an individual to whom it belongs, I was well aware that it was capable of revealing so much about my appearance and personal history. Moreover, I was well aware that both the content and sound of my voice have the capacity of providing clues about my personal dialect and emotional state. Hence, when I tried to use other accents that do not naturally belong to me, I came to realize that my message got distorted across different communication lines. This meant that effective speaking is more concerned with actually being in a position of speaking in a public context, while at the same time reflecting both clarity and confidence in my voice (Vaughan, 2011). In addition, the effective voice is achieved in an environment where there is neither noise nor pressure to conform to any expectations or rules. This is because as I tried to communicate in noisy environment where there was pressure, my message tended to get distorted.

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The best mobile website design is one that is accessible from all types of devices such as the huge flat-screen and tiny devices. Moreover, such designs should incorporate strategies that ensure that they are adaptive and responsive, besides displaying well in various devices (Woods & United States, 2003). The web designs are supposed to be simplified so that more people are able to access and use them. To achieve this, one may decide to view on certain platforms such as GooglrGoMoMeter, so as to identify any kind of changes that are needed in the design. Moreover, the design should have large font sizes, simpler page design, big touchable buttons as well as having visible critical information concerning cooking recipes. Finally to get consumers for the cooking recipes, it is important to provide important personal details such as name, phone number and any accessible link at the extreme top left in the web site’s home page (Woods & United States, 2003).

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Users in a voice recognition website may not be in a position to speak the exact same way they speak under normal conditions such as when using slang (Pautasso, Bussler & Gschwind, 2008). However, to improve user experience in for cooking consumers, there are several strategies that may be employed. The first main important service is having an extensive list of voice commands that would be effective during formatting and editing processes of texts. Secondly, it is critical to have a dictation that is functional on any type of browser or app that has a virtual keyboard. Lastly, most consumers would want to multitask while dictating. For this reason, having the services of a voice dictation app would be an ideal solution.


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