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Walt Disney Company profile


According to the Walt Disney Company (2016) the Disney was founded in early 1923, as a single studio for cartoons.  The corporation was established by the organization pioneer Elias Disney to develop animation as a big industry. The group remains one of the most popular in the animation production industry and is best known to offer entertainment well directed to children and adults (The Walt Disney Company, 2016). The firm carries international theme as well as a global-class studio for animation and the business franchise. The corporation has now been acting as the industry giant due to the quality of the services it is offering to the clients. The paper will discuss a brief overview of the Walt Disney Company. Moreover, the study will explain the line of business and industry where the company falls in place.

Walt Disney Company profile

The organization was initially launched on the 16th of October, 1923, a time when the team was known as the Disney Cartoon Studio for Brothers. It has a current net worth of more than 37 billion dollars and released the first animation on 1928. Disney has a five-year projection that is likely to promote the profits of this organization (The Walt Disney Company, 2016). The firm’s primary mission is to become the leading producer of the entertainment as well as information. As stated by The Walt Disney Company Website, use of the brand portfolio in this society, goods will always be differentiated to make the content unique from that of the competitors.

Through Disney’s mission, the organization seeks to come up with the most creatively successful and innovative entertainment experiences as well as other related products around the world (The Walt Disney Company, 2016). It is important to acknowledge other significant names of the founders that were famous such as the Micky Mouse but later branched to various entertainment studios, other production Medias as well as theme parks. It is amazing how the company had already come up with its first animation and helped it to purchase a powerful studio in the Californian Hollywood.

The industry line of business for Disney Company

The production line of business for the organization is the sale of movies in the cartoon or animated format. Disney produces the films through the imprints of the Disney pictures Pixar and Dismay animation. The group that is geographically located in Europe Asia, America as well as Australia. Some of other parks for Disney locations are the 40% of the interests in the Euro Disney that operates in Paris (The Walt Disney Company, 2015). The marketing and the sales strategy in the organization is very useful. Disney has already admitted spending significant advertisement expenses before the theatrical release of the films on the grounds of the next homes as well as the entertainment market.

The financial performance of the organization is also very encouraging. Disney has sound sources of revenue and continues to grow annually.  According to the Yahoo Finance, the giant has a tax increase resulting from sales and supply and a fiscal sales of about 8%. The scenario is largely in comparison to the previous years that gave a best average of $ 35% (The Walt Disney Company, 2016). Just like other media investments, the organization depends on the large ray of entertainments across the TV, films and cinemas. Quite a significant percentage of the ancillary products, where most of them aimed at leaving children entertained. The firm is created by the two of its character and intellectual property.


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