Were there more positive or negative changes in Christianity between 500AD and 1600 AD?Explain

Book to use(only):”Western Civilization”Volume 1, Brief third edition(Joshua Cole,Carol Symes,Judith Coffin,Robert Stacey). It should be based on the primary source readings and artistic images (not maps.They cover the period of the so-called “Middle Ages.”It should be a critical and analytical synthesis of at least THREE primary source readings (“Competing Viewpoints” & “Analyzing Primary Sources” sections). Another option is to use TWO READINGS from those sections & TWO IMAGES (NOT MAPS) from the textbook OR ONE READING from those two sections & FOUR IMAGES (NOT MAPS) from the textbook OR just SIX IMAGES (NOT MAPS) from the textbook. The section “Interpreting Visual Evidence” contains only images and editor’s notes. Only the sources in “Competing Viewpoints” & “Analyzing Primary Sources” sections are legitimate readings. Editorial notes introduce the primary source readings and images but DO NOT count as primary source readings. DO NOT use white pages in the textbook, any other books or websites.It should organize evidence to show change over time instead of jumping back and forth to the examples belonging to different time periods.
• • It should have a clear structure (the opening sentence with a straightforward thesis statement which briefly answers the question and serves as a “roadmap” of your argument supported with appropriate evidence in the rest of the essay, and a conclusion which summarizes your main points without copying your thesis statement).
• • Don’t include more than one direct quote, it should be marked by quotation marks (“”). Failure to do so will be considered as plagiarism and will lose you one letter grade.
Instead of copying and pasting quotes, paraphrase them to better fit them into your analysis
• Given length of paper, there should not be any block quotes.
• Referencing: always provide the page # for ALL evidence you use in the paper not just for direct quotes. Cite all evidence in parenthetical citations, for example (13). Failure to provide reference is considered plagiarism and will lead to the loss of one letter grade.
• The paper should have a file name “essay 2” and should be saved as a “Word Document.”
• Technical Specifications: Times New Roman font, 12 pt type, 1” margins (check in Page Layout—Margins). Double Spaced!!!!
• The paper should be written in formal standard English. Pay attention to grammar and style (avoid conversational expressions and contractions). Be consistent with the verb tense when referring to the events in the past. You can choose either past or present but stick to it throughout to avoid confusion.
• Logical Transitions: Use transition words like “furthermore,” “in addition to..”, “while..”, “whereas…”, etc to connect your main points.
• No separate title page. In a Word Document, go to Insert, then Header, and type your name our class # in the upper left or right corner.
• Attach a bibliography of sources cited in the paper identifying author, title, date, and the page in the textbook (the list cannot be considered as a page of writing). The list will help both you and me to make sure that you have used enough required sources. See examples of how to format the bibliography below.
• Primary source reading
o Author unknown, “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” (circa 3,000 BCE), Joshua Cole, Carol Symes, Judith Coffin and Robert Stacey, Western Civilizations (N.Y.: W.W. Norton, 2012), 10
o Aristophanes, “Socrates as a Sophist” (circa 400 BCE), Joshua Cole, Carol Symes, Judith Coffin and Robert Stacey, Western Civilizations (N.Y.: W.W. Norton, 2012), 78
• Primary source image
o Raphael, “The School of Athens” (1510CE), Joshua Cole, Carol Symes, Judith Coffin and Robert Stacey, Western Civilizations (N.Y.: W.W. Norton, 2012), 25
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: Early Western Civilization

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