What ethical issues need to be addressed to preserve wonders such as Machu Picchu from destruction?

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” What color should not be used in graphic design in China?
” What two add campaigns failed due to their mis-translation of words?
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Go to The Globe. Locate Peru (in South America). Take a look at the photograph for Machu Picchu and the corresponding link. This structure is on the list of Forgotten Wonders of the World. Millions of people each year visit this site. This brings in much need money to the economy, but it also endangers the site as people try to steal a piece of the structure, they mark up the site with carvings of their initials or graffiti, they leave trash behind, and just the sheer number of people walking on the floors and touching the artifacts wears them down.

What ethical issues need to be addressed to preserve wonders such as Machu Picchu from destruction? Relate what the text says about Ethics of Intercultural Competence to your answer.
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You just viewed a scene from the movie “Anna & the King” starring Jody Foster. Anna (played by Jody Foster) has just arrived in Thailand from her home country of England. King Mongkut is the beloved King of Siam (now Thailand). Before becoming King (at the age of 47) he spent 27 years as a monk. During this long seclusion, he acquired a profound knowledge of Buddhism, which people say made him the compassionate person he was. He also intently studied science, English and western philosophy. Many attribute this to his accomplishment of Keeping Thailand as an independent country while many other Asian countries became colonies of the French, British, etc. during this period in history. King Mongkut ruled during the mid-1800. Anna is in Thailand to be the tutor for the King’s children.

In this particular scene, she is being introduced to the Prime Minister as she has just arrived at the Royal Palace.

How is business conducted differently in relation to time (from the chapter on nonverbal communication), as employed in this scene?
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It wasn’t until 1934 that discussions of Native American culture were permitted in schools sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Previously, the policy of the federal government had been “full assimilation and eradication of Indian culture”.

” List and explain another lesson that is not often taught as part of American history, but it happened nonetheless? Hint: google search the concentration camps that existed in the US during WWII. Why were they established and who was forced to live there in the name of National Security

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