What is the role of heretical Christianity on the advent of Islam.

Research and locate 1 scholarly journal article on each of the following 3 topics for a total of 3 scholarly journal articles. Scholarly journal articles must be articles from scholarly or academic journals. “Christianity Today” and Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias (in printed form or online) do not count as scholarly articles. Also, books and book reviews cannot be used. Instead, find a scholarly article from an academic journal to use; they will usually be more than 5 pages. If you question if an article is acceptable, contact your professor. Part of the grade derives from your ability to summarize scholarly journal articles.

Using proper, current Turabian format, summarize the main points of each article in your own words in a 1-paragraph summary. Include the bibliographic information for each of the 3 articles. The 3 topics are as follows:

1. The conversion of Constantine.
2. The impact of the fall of the Western Empire on the church.
3. The role of heretical Christianity on the advent of Islam.

Your research findings must be submitted in 1 document via the SafeAssign submission link in the Assignments folder and uploaded to Discussion Board Forum 2.

Submit this assignment to SafeAssign and upload it to Discussion Board Forum 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.

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