Why do we need a bureaucracy?

Why do we need a bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy provides a necessary framework for functionality of an institution. It regulates the activities of individuals through laws enhancing integrity, accountability, equity and economy in all functions. Bureaucracy is significant as it aims to ensure that policy guidelines are adhered to in dispensing services to the public. Most of the government workers abuse their authority through bribery, coercion and intimidation. The thirst for power has tainted the government’s functionality and competency in the eyes of the public (Workman, 2015). Transparency, accountability and equity have long been forgotten through the misappropriated government payments and disparities in remunerations for individuals in the public and private sector. Bureaucracy aims to ensure efficiency in governance, ensure the right people are delegated to perform the tasks matching their skill sets.

It functions to assure the public the tax paid is properly utilized and all citizens are given equal opportunities in employment matters. State and federal agencies are initiated to help dispense the welfare programs to the needy in society. Bureaucracy ensures this is upheld by instituting recruitment frameworks based on the employee’s competency, division of labour and job specialization. The government functions are able to diligently operate in an effective and efficient manner (Workman, 2015).

State agency in the government’s bureaucracyBottom of Form

I chose the Administration for Children and Families agency. The agency is effective as its efficiency is shown by its performance ratings relating to child support services, temporary assistance for the needy families, child abuse and neglect. Raising the number of workers would benefit the institutions time management and consequently reduce the amount of work load on individual workers. As a result, the employees will be more productive by dispensing welfare services in a timely and standard manner (Workman, 2015).


Workman, S. (2015). The dynamics of bureaucracy in the US Government: How congress and federal agencies process information and solve problems. Cambridge University Press.

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