Winter War

Winter War

The winter war was a military battle that erupted between the Soviet Union and Finland lasting for about three months. The war broke out in 1939 and ended in 1940. It started immediately after the Second World War where the Soviet Union invaded Finland with a quest to obtain some portion of land from the Finnish state.[1]

The Soviets claimed that they wanted to enhance their security on Leningrad which was primarily twenty miles from Finland’s border. The Soviet Union had a much stronger military base characterized by twice the number of Finnish soldiers, majority aircraft and tanks which indicated dominance on their part.[2]However, the Soviet army was crippled regarding leadership and strategy. Despite Soviets advantage in number and military equipment, Finland was able to repel its attack for more than two months.[3] During that period, Finland was able to inflict majority losses on the Soviet army. For the Soviets to defeat the Finnish army, they had to reorganize and formulate distinct action plans.

The hostility between the two nations ended in nineteen forty when they both signed the Moscow Peace Treaty. Finland passed more than 10% of its territory and 13% of its economic returns to the Soviet Union. Despite the loss of the land, Finland maintained its sovereign power and image in regards to military warfare.[4] On the other hand, the poor performance of the Soviet Union destroyed their image and enticed other Nations to initiate an attack on them, for instance, Hitler’s Barbarossa Operation.[5]

The winter did not only show the historical events that contributed to the nation’s civilization but also emphasizes the impacts of undermining others. We should, therefore, learn that larger rivals can be defeated by proper strategies just as Finland opposed the Soviet Union.

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