The audience mostly comprises young population taking about 75% of the total workers. Minority of the workers are of an older age ranging from 45 years and above. Judging from the workers profile, I’ll need to emphasize on mode of grooming and employee relationship since this will catch their attention. Majority are below the age of 35 years meaning that prioritizing on this information will initiate a lot of interest. They will not be interested in hearing about arrival to work, relationship with the organizations clients and handling organizational assets.

In the mode of grooming, I will prioritize on ladies prohibiting suggestive dressings, excessive make up application and unprofessional hair styles. This will greatly capture the attention of the male audience. People usually gain interest on listening to information targeting the opposite gender (Snell, 2015). Looking at the mode of dressing, suggestive dressing will be characterized by shortness, tightness, transparency and body exposure. Dressings exposing cleavages, thighs and body posture will be banned. Individuals receiving a lot of complaints will be punished. On the side of men, priority will be placed on grooming. Here, I will look at haircuts, ear piercing, professional clothing and sagging. All men will be required to have short haircuts, no ear piercing or rings, always dress professionally and the trousers should not be sagged. In case the workers have tattoos, they should not expose them but rather conceal them by grooming in long sleeved artier.

Looking at the employee relationship, I will major on employee intimacy in the workplace. All forms of intimacy will be prohibited and these include holding hands, hugging, kissing and any form of public display of affection (Wilson, 2015). Since the blog supports our company policies, I would choose it. I will include rewarding of employees who are highly rated in relation to the policies outlined. This will encourage adherence and serious observance of company policies by the workers in turn reducing senior-subordinate conflicts.


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Wilson, F. (2015). Romantic relationships at work: Why love can hurt. International Journal of Management Reviews, 17(1), 1-19.

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