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Short-Answer Question 1:

A new team of management has taken over. As a result, organizational changes from a country-club style leadership where everyone does whatever they want has changed to a more mechanistic, structured, top-down management style.

What ethical issues should the employees consider and how should they go about addressing these?
Make sure to address an ethical issue in the post.  An answer of no ethical issues will not earn credit on the essay.

Short-Answer Question 2:

You work for ABC Company that does a lot of business overseas. ABC Company has sent their best team, of which you are a part, to do a presentation to a new highly important client, XYZ Company. The team is led by a female that has done more international presentations than anyone else in the company, who has been with the company since its inception, is highly recognized throughout the industry, and the one person who has mentored you throughout your career at ABC Company. As the team patiently waits to begin their presentation, a member of XYZ Company’s management informs you that the meeting will not begin, and the XYZ Company’s management will not come into the room, until the female team member leaves. It quickly becomes apparent to you that the XYZ Company’s management team believes females should not be in the workplace.

Does this situation cause any ethical issues?

What options should you consider in the handling of this situation?

How do you approach your team members?

Your team members ask you for your advice on how to proceed. What are your recommendations?

You will want to address all four questions fully in your essay.

need three Referrences or more

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