World War II

Causes of World War II

The idea of expansionism was fueled by the desire to expand the territorial base and economic influence of a country. Most of the countries that participated in the war saw this kind of action as a way of showing military might and domination to their enemy and over their subjects. The main objective was to reconquer territories that had already been subdued. The ‘’Scramble for Africa’’ is a classic example of how European powers seeked to extend or retain their authority over the people and their territories with the sole intention of developing or exploiting them economically ( Cronon, 45-50).

The Great Depression led to massive political and economic impacts that eventually led to the war. Massive unemployment for instance in Japan and Germany infuriated the people. The dictatorial governments incited their citizens into believing that their countries were superior than others and hence they had every right to invade and take what they wanted forcefully. America also imposed sanctions on Germany and called her loans which led to a sudden decline and eventual fall of German industries and the rise of Hitler

The inability of the League of Nations to deal with many of the international issues that arose was another inevitable cause of the war.  The main objective of the league was to maintain and oversee world peace. For two decades, its efforts had borne fruits but by 1939, the whole world was involved in a war that overwhelmed its core mandate. Dictatorial governments such as Japan, Italy and Germany saw an opportunity to unscrupulously acquire fresh territories which disregarded all principles of international law

The Treaty of Versailles has also been implicated as to eventually leading to world war two. The treaty required that Germany was to accept responsibility for herself and her allies for causing all loss and damage during world war one ( Sontag &Richard ,61). It therefore forced Germany to disarm, make substantial territorial concessions and pay economic reparations to some countries. The loss of almost all of Germany’s colonies angered many Germans. The damages paid out by Germany greatly destroyed their economy and as a result, the territorial losses inflicted by the Allies made Germany resentful to the

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