Write an essay discussing the role played by the American company IBM and its German subsidiary Dehomag just before and during World War 2

This assignment aims to (1) test your understanding of the topics we discussed in the first three weeks of class and (b) to make sure you are doing your readings/listening to your assigned TED talks etc.

Please keep in mind that longer answers are often more detailed and contain more references, and will therefore often be awarded higher marks than very short answers. If you really want to get an A, please keep this in mind.
If you want to get an A in this assignment, read the accompanying rubric very carefully and follow the guidelines set out there. Feel free to come and see me during my office hours if you have any problems or questions. You are welcome to show me early drafts of your work if you want feedback before you hand the assignment in. Do not send me emails please – come and see me in person during my office hours. If you cannot make my office hours, come and speak to me and we will try and find an alternative time.

Essay Guidelines

Your essay should be between 1,250 -1,500 words long.
Your essay must refer to the theoretical contexts we sketched out in class.
Your essay must contain at least three references to/ quotations from three academic sources (books or peer-reviewed journal articles, no newspapers or websites please). TWO of these should be from those I posted for you on mycourses. You should find TWO yourself, either on JSTOR or in a physical library such as the one on the ground floor. You could also try Google Scholar and amazon.co.uk, as free chapters from academic books are often available here.
These sources must be referenced properly, according to APA guidelines
Essays that contain less than three references/quotations to the above-mentioned academic sources will not get more than a C.
You can include as much ADDITIONAL material as you like, from both academic and non-academic sources.

Remember that the purpose of your assignment is to:
1) Report on the research you have done
2) If appropriate, raise alternative points of view and considerations ignored or neglected by your sources
3) Articulate and defend your personal perspectives on these issues
The central skills you will be developing in this assignment are:
Critical Thinking and Analytical Reasoning

Mid-term Assignment
Answer any ONE question. The question you choose must be answered in all its parts. For example, if you choose question 1 you must answer 1a, 1 b AND

2) Write an essay discussing the role played by the American company IBM and its German subsidiary Dehomag just before and during World War 2.

Your essay should include:

i) A report that summarizes how your chosen company collaborated with the Nazis during the war

ii) An analysis of why (in your considered opinion) your chosen company chose to collaborate in ways higher management must have known were morally dubious. Your analysis should include a discussion of one or more of these possible explanations for their choices:Zimbardo’s theory of situational forces; the theory of social Darwinism; the theory of cultural relativism.



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