Writing Your Conclusion Workshop

Writing Your Conclusion Workshop

Affordable healthcare is an issue in most states as the minorities and the low income earners face discriminations as well as disparity issues that gate them from fully accessing the best medical services across the state. I feel that the people should take a stand take healthcare issues important as this would boost awareness cases and therefore stretch the health sector and put them at their toe as they strive to offer high quality healthcare services to the people.

Health is a basic need and therefore there is need to incorporate all the people in convenient and affordable healthcare plans to maintain the state’s health status and therefore reducing the effect the healthcare cost has o the national budget. The healthcare advancements and the standardization of the health cost is meant to be in line with the healthy people 2020 objectives which have been the key drivers of the health sectors in the (United states United States, 2014). Establishment and maintenance of healthcare organizations and campaigns incorporating the poor and the minorities in the nations should be really emphasized on as then research and development has been overestimated leaving the other healthcare components unattended to. This has therefore called for the need to shift from research and development, infectious diseases and focusing on chronic diseases and the way to lower the cost of treatment and maintenance of the diseases to reduce the mortality rate in the nation. ‘

It is critical that the government collaborate with other nations to address the health issue as the commercialization of healthcare become a harsh call to the minority and the low income earners and therefore preventing them from fully accessing health as a basic right. The main question about affordable healthcare is, how should the disparities and the minority issues be addressed in the healthcare sector? How far should the government and the healthcare sector go in collaboration with other states government in reducing the healthcare cost especially for the minority groups?


United States. (2014). National healthcare disparities report 2013. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.


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